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Expert witness services including zip line and adventure park case review, discovery development, report writing, and testimony. Pre- and post-claim expert consulting services including compliance audits, accident investigations, and operation development.

The commercial aerial adventure course and zip line market in the U.S. has experienced double-digit growth for more than a decade.  With the rapid growth and increase in number of annual riders has come an increasing number of accidents.  With more than two decades of experience in the design, development, installation, inspection, and operation of challenge courses, zip lines, and adventure parks, we have the experience necessary to assist companies pre- and post-claim to mitigate risk and losses and to assist counsel at each stage of litigation.

Expert Witness: Zip Line, Adventure Parks, Challenge Courses

Our expertise and services have been used by plaintiff and defense counsels on a variety of matters. Here are a few examples.

Zip Line, Adventure Park, and Challenge Course Accident Investigation

  • Zip line rider collision with inanimate object
  • Zip line  rider collision with other rider
  • Zip line brake system failure / improper zip line design
  • Employee fall from heights
  • Participant / rider fall from heights
  • Jump system / auto-belay failure

Zip Line and Adventure Park Contract Disputes

  • Zip line tour business valuation
  • Breach of contract – rider cycle-time / throughput analysis
  • Breach of contract – documentation requirements
  • Course design line brake system failure / improper zip line design
  • Standards compliance on design / installation project

With more than two decades of experience in design, development, installation, and operation of challenge courses, zip lines, and adventure parks, we can assist counsel with each stage of the litigation process.

  • Case review and discovery
  • Identify appropriate content for discovery requests
  • Assess early the merits of the case through our experience in the industry and with prevailing standards and accepted practices
  • Educate counsel on industry terminology, practices, applicable standards, jurisdictional requirements and other pertinent facts
  • Accident investigation
  • Document review
  • Interpret and analysz the other side’s expert opinions
  • Opine on ASTM F2959 (and reference standards), ANSI/PRCA, and ANSI/ACCT standards compliance for design, installation, and operation as well as acceptable industry practices
  • In complex cases, advise on additional expert witnesses and expert consultants
  • Sponsor opinions, declarations, or expert reports
  • Testify at deposition
  • Testift at trial

In situations where claims are insurance-based and corrective actions have been identified, we can assist zip line and adventure park operators with post-claim improvements to bring their operations and structures into substantial compliance with applicable standards, jurisdictional requirements, and accepted industry practices.

Expert Witness: Next Steps

  • We encourage counsel to contact us as early as possible so that we might establish a professional relationship and lay out time lines and the scope of the contract.  While the zip line/aerial adventure course market is growing rapidly, it is a relatively small market consisting of only a handful of insurance companies and a few dozen significant vendors.  It is important to role out possible conflicts of interest and to determine if our services are a good match for your needs. In situations where a conflict exists that cannot be cleared or where our expertise or availability is not suitable to your needs, we can help recommend other experts in the zip line and aerial adventure park market with whom we have worked or whose opinions we have reviewed.

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