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Providing third-party, professional operations audits & technical inspections for challenge courses, zip lines, and aerial adventure courses.

We take a thoughtful approach to structural inspection and program audits.  Our inspections and audits are hands-on / wrench-on processes designed to carefully review structures, documentation, design, policies, and application to industry standards and jurisdictional requirements.  An organized and timely report is returned outlining necessary action items or validating substantial compliance.

Operation Audits & Program Reviews

Operation reviews and assessment conducted by a qualified, independent third-party can help to ensure quality operations and mitigate risk to your participants and staff.

  • Our reviewers are experienced operators with years of experience designing, developing, and managing challenge courses, zip lines, canopy tours, and aerial adventure courses. In addition to assessing compliance with ANSI/ACCT, ASTM, and jurisdictional requirements, our reviewers can provide practical solutions to improve operational efficiencies, manage risk, and generate revenue.
  • For those operations seeking ACCT Operation Accreditation, our principal reviewer is an ACCT Qualified Operation Reviewer. We can provide an initial consultation to ensure a smooth review before going through the process. We can also contract to provide the review.
  • Operation reviews & audits may include but are not limited to:

Review marketing materials, participant preparatory materials, course signage, and messaging

  • Accuracy of representation
  • Communication of participant requirements and risk

Review of Operating Documents and Manuals

  • Manufacturer & equipment manuals
  • Design specifications
  • Policy & procedure manuals
  • Incident reports, near-miss reports & risk assessments
  • Emergency action / evacuation plan
  • Training program & certificates
  • Staff qualifications
  • Inspection reports – pre-use, periodic, & third-party
  • Operation review reports
  • Maintenance & equipment logs
  • Participant agreements

Review / Demonstration of operating procedures to determine compliance with documentation

  • Course opening/pre-use procedures
  • Participant intake/check-in and screening
  • Introductions and participant expectations
  • Instructions to participants
  • Participant skill training
  • General operating procedures
  • Unusual conditions or interruptions – weather-related, behavioral, emotional, mechanic, failure of communication devices
  • Emergency action plan including rescues
  • Inspection and preventative maintenance
  • Use of work-at-height and personal safety equipment

Why invest in an operation audit and program review of your zip line, adventure park or challenge course?

  • Required by some insurance companies and jurisdictional authorities
  • Comply with industry standards and jurisdictional requirements
    • ANSI/ACCT 03-2019 Chapter 2, B.2.7. The organization shall engage in a review of its practices by an external, qualified person(s), at least once every five (5) years.
    • ASTM F2959 and operating practices & audit sections of F770, F1193, and F2974
    • Jurisdictional requirements vary by location
  • Reduce risk to participants, staff, and organization
  • Improve program quality
  • Educate staff on standards and accepted practices
  • Identity trends and areas for improvement

Course Inspections

Independent and objective review and documentation of course structures, equipment, and documentation to applicable industry standards and jurisdictional requirements.

  • Course inspections are completed by qualified inspectors with construction, training, and operations experience.  Our inspectors work with operational staff to review design and operating documentation and to complete a hands-on / wrench-on inspection of course structures, elements, and personal safety equipment.
  • Inspections are designed to assess and record the condition of the course and to determine compliance with applicable industry standards and jurisdictional requirements.  They are also an opportunity to work with in-house staff to determine whether requirements for maintenance, pre-use and periodic inspections, and equipment replacement are being completed to the original equipment manufacturer’s or qualified designer’s specifications.
  • Depending on the size and style of zip line or aerial adventure course, inspections generally take one or more days.
  • To determine the scope of work and schedule an inspection, please contact our offices.

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